Hands Free,  Maintenance Free P.E. ...With Boomer T'

Here's How We Do It.

1.) BULK ONLINE STORE.        

 "Bulk Online Store" Sales with Order Deadline Dates. 

  We can do 2- 3 each year.  

  All Orders are Sorted and Bagged and Delivered to the school for Pick

Up by Parents or Students.


Boomer'ized!!     Only Boomer T's has this!......

2.) P.E. UNIFORM VENDING MACHINE On-Site at the School! 

  Vending Machine purchases are not available during the “Bulk Online Store” Sales Dates.  

Vending Machine purchases are only $1.00 higher than the “Bulk Online Store” purchases.  

We stock it.  We have 24/7/365 access via Data Service to the machines sales and inventory levels!

3.) We Take The Calls and Emails about P.E. Uniforms!

We have our Phone and Email posted on the machine.
Let us Manage the P.E. Uniforms and free up your valuable time.

Examples: Availability, Delivery or Other Questions....... BOOMER T's has the answers.

4.) Uniform Donations.  We donate up to 6 Sets for T-shirts and Shorts for the School to decide who they want to give them to.

5.) Certificate of Liability Insurance

6.) Registered with the Illinois Department of Revenue.

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