Hands Free,  Maintenance Free P.E. ...With Boomer T'
Here's How We Do It.
Bulk Sales and Our Virtual Vending Machine! 

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Parents can order anytime.  The Online Store stays open 24/7/365.

1. We do the 1st Batch ( Bulk Orders ) approx. August 1st and deliver those to the school approx. Let's say for example August 15th.

2. We do a 2nd Batch August 16th.   That usually is quite big.. (usually bigger than the 1st Batch).  We Deliver the 1st week of September or sooner if we can.

3. Virtual Vending Machine. After the two  Batches, parents can still online but they will need to choose USPS during check out.   ( It only costs $4.00 to USPS a t-shirt and short. )

Well as we all know, MANY parents miss the Information and wait until school has started and or the  last week in August to get their P.E. Uniform ordered.

   We have updated our program to help make this all easier.

The Online Store stays open  year-round but we do a Order Batches.